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Jul 18, 2010


I was supposed to accompany my friend to watch a Star Cinema movie- Cinco.   He texted me last Friday that he broke up with his partner/bf for more than 2 years.  I don't want him to sing Too Much Love Will Kill You or I am afraid he gonna kill himself(knock on wood) so I said yes even if I don't like much horror movie especially if it's a Filipino film.  For a change he gonna scream his heart out while watching the said horror movie.  In support with a friend, I gonna scream with him and to comfort him.  So I canceled "the meet ups" with my high school friends in the last minute.  And in the last minute my broken-hearted friend canceled our supposed to be movie-watching yesterday.  I ended up working the whole Saturday fixing my things in the office.

I spent Saturday night doing my postcard album and I was able to put 6 pages postcards until 2 am.  As expected, I woke up late so I was not able to attend the Sunday early mass.  The whole morning I created a felt paper Garfield wall decor inspired by Jim Davis and did a makeover of the paper craft I created way back 2008.  I gonna send them to my newly found friend online.  We've met through postcrossing project.  We are exchanging emails, sharing the same interest, same way of life and a lot more.  We have some things in common.  One thing I don't have that he has is a partner.  Lmao.  He has a cat and I have a dog. 

I met Harry again and we watched a mall show.  We ate and talked as if the last time we met was like ages.  Non-stop laughter, nakaka-distress!   The best laughter I had before we separate ways when he grabbed my can and took a photo of someone's behind. 

Have a wonderful work day tomorrow!


sheng said...

Nakakainis naman tong post na ito, ang hindi ko gusto sa blog mo eh bakit may snickers diyan sa header. Di mo ba alam na favorite ko yan, at kung nakakakita ako ng ganyan, gusto ko ng makakain agad, nasisira ang mood ko pag di ko nakuha ang Snickers jan!


Echos lang Red! Heheheh.

Eds said...

sad to hear those canceled met ups. but anyway, at least nakapag ayos ka ng mga postcards mo.

happy tuesday redlan

Nash said...

hmmmm inspired sir? btw nice craft i already updated my blog! weeeee

dong ho said...

One thing I don't have that he has is a partner. >>> hanap ka na muna. tama na muna yung paggawa ng postcards. lol

pusang kalye said...

ako--kelan mo ako padadalhan ng ganyan? mahilig pamandin ako sa cat. hahaha.jokjok

claire said...

lovvvvvvvvvvve garfield... i like it much, red... nice!

nuts said...

asan ang snickers sabi ni sheng, kasi gusto ko rin..:) di nga, alam mo ba yan lagi request ko, basta kahit ano sikolet gusto ko.. :)
btw, baka manood kame cinco this weekend..:)