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Jul 13, 2010


I am not a perfectionist.  I just want to organize things particularly my mess.  I am "makalat or burara" because I have a mañana habit.  It's easy to stash away the things meant for storage,  But it's often a chore finding them when you finally need to use them.  I really want to achieve the arrange-it-now way of organizing things.  I am working it still.  In fact, I've done a couple of things organized this week after I searched to death a piece of important paper.  It took the whole afternoon for me to find it.  Hinanap ko pati sa trash can.  Finally, I found it inside a native pouch.

I tried to be organized again and again.  They say, don't stop dreaming.  Habang may buhay, may pag-asa.  In organizing things, habang may mga bagay, may kalat talaga.  Kaya don't stop fixing it.  Kapag hindi mo na kaya, kumuha ka na ng yaya.  I ended up searching online how to organize things since I can't afford to hire a professional organizer. I applied it on small package first.  I grabbed my writing item purses.  I have two purses, one i keep at home and the other one I bring everyday.

this one I bring everyday

this one I just keep at home

I started organizing them by spreading everything on the table.  

I made separate piles for that I want to bring, keep and throw away.  

I gathered the items I use everyday.

I put on "keep it" pile the items I only use at home during art and craft projects.

I threw all the items in the "throw away pile out.

And the organized operation done.

'Yung throw away label? Syempre tinapon ko na rin.


~JarieLyn~ said...

I am terrible at organizing too but I sure do need to throw some stuff out.

You have really nice handwriting. I hope you are able to stay organized. Good luck.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Hi Red!

Tagal ko ng di nakabalik dito. Pasensya ka na ha! :)

Gandang post ito. Reminds me to keep the clutter away here in our home. With Triz around, ang hirap i-maintain. Hahaha.

Nga pala, may tanong ako. Do you still do paid blogging? If you do, are you registered at Blogsvertise? If not, you might want to submit this blog to them. :) There are opps when a blog has a PR. Like this one.

Sreisaat said...

I am a perpetually disorganised person! No matter how I try to be organised I always end up with more clutter. *sigh* Maayo na lang si R kay organised guid =)

Reena said...

i use a toolbox to organize all my pens. i still kepp the pens i have since college kasi. haha. pero in fairness, they all still work. :) nice job in organizing red.

Patty said...

OMG! Can you come and organize my house?

dong ho said...

i was expecting that the last part of the post will have the sign "to give away".

CaptainRunner said...

Ako rin, gusto ko maayos ang kwarto ko, kaso ang problem ko naman is SPACE.

Ang dami mong dalang panulat araw-araw, ang bigat siguro ng bag mo :)

Jama said...

You sure have lots of pens/stationary! I kept mine in a similar bag near my pc, only 1 pen is near the notebook to jot thing down. I hate clutters, so everything must be stored properly. For my 2 son study tables, I used those small plastic drawers to store the stationary.

Jama said...

By the way, how's IloIlo doing? are you affected by the thypoon?

Mrs T said...

Red, kainggit ka naman, you are super organized! Been here the past days but for unknown reasons, i could not leave my comments. Have a good weekend!

nuts said...

haha.. punta ka dito at dami kalat ng mga bata. every now and then nagso-sort ako. me keep, throw, bring, dito sa haws. lol. salamat sa tips.. :)

GLIP (dating Roadside na dating Random) said...

wow so many pens! i find the most relieving part of organizing is having to throw away what I don't want in my life anymore because this will mean that life does go on.

Lawstude said...

wow, napaka organize mo nga pala. ang dami pa ng pens. invite nga kita para i-organize kwarto ko hehe:)

claire said...

geeez... next to your organized things, i'm a mess.. i haven't cleared my clutter in my room, much less in the office... thanks for the reality check, red :)