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Nov 2, 2009


Gourmet pizza, pasta, steaks, more...

I just came back from a Halloween-out-of-town vacation. While on my way to the city, my high school classmate and friend Harry texted me. Namgamusta lang naman. Fresh from vacation daw ako. "Tired from vacation siguro", I replied.

I am not used to post my photos here anymore but I wish this will be the last. We decided to dine after our spa session on Sunday evening.

Parang epal lang

Harry and I used to see each other lately. Talking about everything like life, relationship, career and more. I even asked him: When you remember the weird things you've done, natatawa ka rin ba? It was just a one line question but he answered longer than the pasta we ate. When I am with him, tumataas ang self-confidence ko. Ma-PR yan kasi. He talks a lot and I am a good listener.

Harry- pang-celebrity raw name niya

And I am not used to post foods here on my blog for the fact that I don't know how to cook. Moreover, I am too shy to take photos in a restaurant or in public places. Talagang mahiyain ako in person. Dito lang ako madaldal. Trivia 'yan.

I love pasta ever!

This is Afrique's special

With the paper cloth that served as the table cloth, I wanna share you the things written on it:

You know you're a Filipino if...

*you nail all photographs on your walls in the living room
*you say comfort room instead of rest room
*you say for take out instead of to go
*you point with your lips
*you nod upwards to greet someone
*your nickname is Boy
*you ask for Colgate instead of toothpaste
*you eat underdeveloped duck eggs
*you pronounce the word ALREADY as OLREYDI
*you say KODAKAN instead of take pictures
*you refer to your refrigerator as PRIDYIDER
*you have a Last Supper quilt on your dining wall
*you hang a rosary on the rear view mirror of your car
*you have a Santo Niño shrine in your living room
*you say "HOY" to get someone's attention
*you call somebody "pssst"
*you say kutex instead of nail polish
*you put hands together in front of you as if to make a path and say "excuse, excuse"
*You dip bread in your morning coffee

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242 Gen Hughes St., Iloilo City (0335096092)


RJ said...


May isa pang trivia, kaya ni Redlan ubusin ang kalahating pizza (dalawa lang kayo kuamin niyan, di ba?) Ako Red, mahina ako sa pizza, dalawang slices lang talaga ang kaya ko.

Base sa photo, maraming keso ang Afrique's special pizza. Sarap siguro! U

witsandnuts said...

Nice to see you. Nakakatuwa naman yung list na tungkol sa Pinoy. =)

Random Student said...

sarap naman ng onions sa pizza. adik ako sa onions. so how did you get away with taking pictures at all if nahihiya ka? may kasabihan na ang listener kahit pilitin maging madaldal, magiguilty pa ring di makinig lang for a long period of time. kasabihan ko lang 'yun he-he. kasi siguro listener type din ako. serious, lahat 'yung nakalagay sa table cloth? interesting read while waiting for your order.

nuts said...

weeeee.... na-excite ako with this post.. balik ako mamaya... :)

nuts said...

hhmmmm... drooling here..

princess_dyanie said...

red!!! i've been there na!! and jan ko natikman ang BEST thin crust so far! :)

p0kw4ng said...

pizza pasta...parang italy lang,hihihi

alam mo bang ganyan ang size ng solo pizza dito at kayang ubusin yan ng bata dito..culture shock ako dati kasi sa ating mga pinoy eh ilang ang nagsasalo dyan!

tumakas lang kaya naka pagbasa,hehe

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Oh My!! That looks delishious!

wait said...

oh i love pizza... Sarap : )

reFRESH said...

RJ: Kaya ko kapag pizza lang. lol. Kaso may carbonara pa. kaya may natirang pizza 2 slices. gin-take out namon.

witsandnuts: Tinopak kayo i posted my

Random Student: Kami na lang natirang customer kaya nagkodakan. lol. From time totime nagsasalita naman ako lalona kapag tinatanong at may follow up question ako. lol. Yung iba hindi serious, medyo hindi na ina-apply ng pinoy. Uy, ako gusto rin ng white onions ba yun? Tinanong nga ako ng friend ko bakitkokinakain? lol Sarap ang lasa.

Nuts: Busy ka ata. hehehe. ayan

Princess Dyanie: Nabasa ko na yung post mo, salamat sa link. talagang worth ang pag-stay mo dito.

Pokw4ng: Talaga lang ha. Culture shock ka nun. eh ngayon?

Noe Noe Girl: You can say more if you've tasted it.

Wait: I love pizza very much. Kahit to go lang sa pizza hut stall solve na ako.

fjordz said...

wow! ang sarap! kakagutom talaga! seryoso! lalo pat hindi ako makatulog ngayon hehehe.. sarp mag pa order hehehe..

the donG said...

you put hands together in front of you as if to make a path and say "excuse, excuse"
>>> hahaha... gusto ko to. astig talagang laki na ng picture mo. yan si mabait na redlan.

Fine Life Folk said...

Pizza, kahit 3M pa eh always scrumptious. I'm into Greenwich flavors lately.

Lawstude said...

iba na naman name lol. nice to see you here red. hopefully, not the last.

Blue Rose said...

the pizza looks so yummy ha.

nice list yong tungkol sa pinoy. hahaha

pero teka parang bawat dalaw ko dito naiiba ang name mo. hehee

reFRESH said...

FJORDZ: Nakakagutom nga. Palagi akong ginutom ng mga mga food post dito. Kaya nagpost rin ako.

DONG: Kaw yung sobrang mabait kaya. Ang kulit pa. hehehe

FineLifeFolk: Ako hindi rin nasasawa sa Greenwich

Lawstude: Panggulat yan paiba-ibang name.

Bluerose: For a change. kahit name lang. hehe