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Jul 9, 2010


I had a "catch up" date with one of my friends in high school.  We seldom see each other but when our vacant time meets, we go for it.  No plan actually.

I am a loyal Kapamilya and he is working in the rivalry network yet we still friends like Judy Ann Santos and Jolina Magdangal.  lol.  We never talk about rivalry though.  But he is the type of person you can get the latest information about celebrities and well-known individuals in the city.

Moi:  Do you know this fashion model I've been stalk in FB?

Him:  Oh yeah.  He and a fashion designer are the "item".

Moi:  I added a regional TV host/Dj in FB but he ignored me.  I used to watch him early in the morning before I go to work.

Him:  Hmm, there's a rumor that he is gay. BTW, I have two talents.  One is good in singing as in bumibirit.  The other one can play the piano well. 

Moi:  You got it!  Pilipinas got talent.

We decided to dine in the newest Mexican resto in the city- the MOOON CAFE.   It is located at Paseo Robinson's PLace, de leon St., Iloilo City and owned by Pages Holdings, Inc.  I ordered reviving fruit combo and pasta ala mooon.  He ordered watermelon shake and pasta carbonara.  We added pizza jalapeno diablo (photo above).  I loved the taste of pasta ala moon with peanut.  But when it comes to pizza, my friend was sweating and just bite a slice.  Me too.  lol.  It was kinda hot that we decided to take it out.   As a consolation, I asked the waitress why there are three O in the word moon.  According to her,  the three O's stands for the three students of UP who worked for the interior designs of the said restaurant. 

We had a great conversation.  I dunno when I can meet Harry again.


Lawstude said...

so who is judy ann and whi is jolina lols :)

witsandnuts said...

The angle of the photo as you took it is interesting. :) I don't know why I'm not very fond of pizzas.

sheng said...

i love pizza, but i do not watch much tv nowadays. They bore me to death, i'd rather read a book.!

dong ho said...

tsismis mode pala. hehehe... baka nga pala punta ako diyan. fingers crossed. dalhin ko na lang yung vietnam prize.

Redlan said...

Lawstude: Certified kapamilya ako. hehehe.

Jo: Parang half moon, hindi maging new moon kasi ang anghang.

Sheng: Opposite tayo pero sa pizza pareho. lol

Dongho: Tagal pa kaya october. excited ka ba? joke.

nuts said...

sorry pero diet ako, kaya wala appeal sa kin ang pizza. joke. meron pa ba?
sino naman yan. chicka mo sa kin, dali!!