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Jul 4, 2010


People who close to me both personally and virtually know the real me- I am gay.  They don’t know the whole story though- the struggles, the depression and more that I hid to tell.  Recently I posted something so personal about my gay life, I received some calls, encouragements, and non-stop questions. 

I only open up with other gays online.  I communicate with them in the chat rooms and in some gay networking sites to let myself be in and will be in the unique gay world.  But I think, I am so lucky today to find a gay blog that I really like.  DarkQ gay blog is absolutely different.  Unlike the other gay blogs I discovered, it is non-pornographic blog.  It tackles gay issues in a positive side and other common and up-to-date topics in the community, current issues, entertainment, beauty tips and health.  I can relate almost all the post title that makes me so excited to read them all from April to the latest post.  I got some cool tips and learned some things reading the said gay blog. I am looking forward to read and know more. 


dong ho said...

first time to know about this red though medyo pansin naman pero parang ngayon mo lang ata sinabi sa blog.

Coiledice said...

oh red! thanks for dropping by! I really appreciated your visit! keep blogging! im a bit surprised when i read this post but im glad you said that and i support you on that. :D

RoSeLLe said...

hey red! i miss you much!!! that's all i can say ehehehe finally i get the chance to update my blog and visit your blog... how are yah?

Lawstude said...

be happy. ang mahalaga ay importante :)

seriously, your sexuality should not be a hindrance to what you wanted to be in the future. :)

nuts said...

basta, na miss kita at ang mag hop dito. san ka na ba? or ako ang nawala? lol.