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May 25, 2009


We both have others in our lives
whom we are care so much about
But deep in our heart
There's a wonderful feeling
I gave for you,
And you for me.
We can talk or argue,
We can rejoice or complain,
And we both seem to understand
In so many ways we're the same,
And yet so different.
We come from our worlds
So far apart,
Yet we've learned to trust and care a lot.

This week's Mixed Media Monday theme is feathered friends. This cross-stitched art and challenge is dedicated to my BBF, Marigold and to all the best friends in the whole world. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


Blue Rose said...

aww! sweet. sigurado matutuwa ang BFF mo nyan.

happy monday redlan!

RJ said...

Kung kasali pala ako sa MMM mga manok ko ang iku-cross stitch or ipi-paint ko.

Pero hindi ako pwede, mahina ako sa art.

Ayos, Red. U

Lynn Stevens said...

very tweet birds (sorry couldnt resist) really they are sweet!

Anonymous said...


Rein said...



Hello RED!

Happy Monday to you too!

Anonymous said...

Your cross stitch is lovely, Redlan, and the words are even more lovely! Diane

Alberta and Ava said...

The pefect tribute to friendship! Beautiful stiching.

indybev said...

I share your feeling for the value of friendship in our lives. Well done, and well said!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cross stitching, Redlan. Wonderful words about friendship.

liveart said...

Sooo sweet!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

Amy said...


Janny said...


Yvonne said...

sweet little birds