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May 26, 2009


I am feeling sad since yesterday. I really don't know the reason why. Every time I am feeling like this, I draw my favorite flower. That's why it's easy for me to do it na. Practice makes perfect, they say.

I showed you how to draw a rose on video. Here's I show how to draw it step by step.

You can try to draw it too. As I've said, constant practice makes it perfect.


RJ said...

"But then again, nobody's perfect! So why practice?!" sabi ni Ina Montecillo. o",)

Di nga, ang ganda bro! Thanks for sharing your secret on how to draw roses.

REDLAN said...

Nanood ka ng tanging ina part 2 ano? hehehe. No problem, mas maganda kapag sini-share ang isang bagay. Mas masaya kapag alam rin ng iba at nakikita mo na kaya rin ng iba. Salamat sa pagcomment @ RJ


No Red... It's CORRECT practice that makes it perfect.

Man-an ko tana.



PUSANG-gala said...

drawing is something that I can never do I guess no matter how much I practice---maybe I can make the 1st figure----hehe

the donG said...

i find it complicated! ill do the simplest way. not as good nga lang. hehehe....