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May 24, 2009


Whew, I just finished watching Boys before Flower today- the 25 episodes. (Madugo sa mata at maskit sa sikmura.) I am almost satisfied. It's almost paradise! Here, I wanna share to you a poem that JanDi read to Jun Pyo's comatose father.

The worst kind of encounter is the fish meeting.
Because meeting leaves a horrible fishy smell.

The encounter one must be most careful is the flower meeting.
Because when it blooms, it has a wonderful fragrance, but when it wilts, it is thrown away.

The most beautiful encounter is the handkerchief meeting.
Because when you exert yourself, the sweat is wiped away.
And when you're sad, the tears are wiped away.

Her'es the funniest Korean F4 photo I found online.

Annyong Korean F4. Thanks to the four of you who entertained me almost 5 days. Give my best regards to JanDi. (Tinudo ko na.)

Before I forget here's another line from Grandma to Jun Pyo:

"Becoming stronger from losing,
Yielding even though it is unfair,
Running away even though it is shameful,
Overcoming a weak self-confidence over time.
That's how one becomes a real man."


lucas said...

nag Boys/Flowers Marathon ka na pala. sa TV ko na lang abangan :)

ano mas gusto mong version: yung ngayon o yung dati? hehe!

thanks, red! :)

Blue Rose said...

wow! so talagang hindi mo sya tinantanan red. hehehe

wala ako masyadong napapanood ngayon eh, more on reading books pa rin ako ngayon.

Mrs T said...

Red, sarap ng isda! Miss ko na yan!


Ma-an na Red!

Adik ka na sa BOF?

nuts said...

I like this post! Surely, gonna miss BOF. :)