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Feb 21, 2009


When I read the Daily Bread dated February 11, it strikes me. I reread it several times already. It is about correction. Not everyone appreciates correction. I admit I was one of the few. The first time my officemate corrected me, I was hurt. But with her clear explanation, I realized she was right. Correction is a kindness. Loyal friends correct one another, even when it's painful and disruptive to relationship. When someone corrects you, it is because he/she cares for you. He/she wanted you to be a better person. After all, I considered Marigold as my bestfriend.


RJ said...

Madalas kasi nakaka-embarass nga naman talaga kapag kinu-correct (?) tayo... Sana ay gawin privately, hindi 'yong maraming tao.

Agree ako dyan sa 3rd and 2nd to the last sentences mo, Red.

lucas said...

sabi nga nila only true friends can be brutally honest..hehe! :P

thanks red! opportunity rarely knocks . i better grab this one :)


lapit na lang bday mo red?

diin ang blowout?

sheng said...

Hi Marigold. How are you. Regards daw sabi ni Ariel Red, nagkita kami kagabi. Nagpa blow out ng halu-halo, nakakuha ng bonus! Heheh.

Blue Rose said...

i agree with you on this red. masakit tanggapin ang katotohanan pero ito ay mahalaga para na rin sa ating ikabubuti.

uy, lapit na daw birthday mo? blow out naman jan. hehehe

the donG said...

i agree. correcting simply means that your friend cares. thanks for sharing. si marigold sikat dito sa blog mo. nababasa ba nya to?

kuri said...

madalas kasi mas masakit marinig ang totoo.pero tama ka. dapat i take nalang natin yun constructively. :)