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Jan 23, 2009


Last two years, I bought Christmas gifts early as June. Now I would apply the early gift-buying this year again because I find it so effective. I can save both money and time then. I can say, I am somewhat wise in buying now. I pay less during sale day. The items are still in good quality.

I bought this dress for only 160 php.

And personally wrapped it.

This baptismal dress was only 220 php (discounted). But the actual price is 320 php.

I wrapped it again personally.

Before, I bought my clothes at its original price. When I bought a shirt from Bench one time and I noticed it was on sale after few months, I changed my mind in buying original clothes at the said store. I waited some nice and good quality clothes at SM during sale.

This two Bosini shirts were only 500 usd for two, 250 each. It's still on the latest trend.

There are still good quality clothes on sale at Human. I bought some cargo shorts and shirts on discounted price.

Salable Sahara shirts @ SM Dept. Store. 320 each.

You can buy items or clothes on sale for ordinary or everyday use. Just buy expensive ones for special occasions para hindi naman mukhang galing UK.


lucas said...

ang sipag mong magbalot mate :) and very artistic. sana hindi lang itapon noh? hehe!

pinakamagandang pantasya actually :) hehe!

jeanny said...

wow early bird....Kala ko maaga na ko...mas super aga ka pala. Good Idea! :0

Happy Weekend

Allen Yuarata said...

kaya lang nahihirapan din ako bumili kapag sale. I hate it when malls are packed with people. haha. nice job you did here, anyway. ^^,

REDLAN said...

Ron~ may story kasi yan kung bakit personally binabalot ko ang last christmas gifts para sa kids

Jeanny~ Inagahan ko ngayon para makarami at iwas siksikan.

Allen~ Ako rin minsan. Kapag maraming tao hindi ako nakipagsiksikan. Dapat sa opening or closing ka magshop during sale.

rara said...

i like the cute kid dress

MeL said...

You can shop online, too. It;s more convenient. :)