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Jan 23, 2009


My work is related to business. I've been working for more than ten years already and I can say that real estate is the top earning business for sellers. It’s a big asset to acquire on the part of the buyer. Indeed, real estate has become a major area of business. Purchasing real estate requires a significant investment. The real estate industry has evolved into several distinct fields and each parcel of land has unique characteristics. It is the specialist who is often called on to valuate real estate and facilitate transactions.

There are some kinds of real estate business such as appraisal, brokerages, development, property management, real estate marketing, real estate investing, relocation services and corporate real estate. Within each field, a business may specialize in a particular type of real estate, such as residential, commercial, or industrial property. Moreover, almost all construction business effectively has a connection to real estate.

In recent years, many economies have recognized that the lack of effective real estate laws can be a significant barrier to investment in many developing countries. In most societies, rich or poor, a significant fraction of the total wealth is in the form of land and buildings. Housing tenure is the legal arrangement for the right to occupy a dwelling. The types of housing tenure include owner occupancy, tenancy, housing cooperative, condominiums, public housing, squatting and cohousing. Residences can be classified by if and they are connected to neighboring residences and land. There are actually different types of housing tenure that can be used for the same physical type. And if you are looking for real estate to own, DROdio real estate can help with access to tools, information and expertise. There’s DROdio listings in Virginia and in other states.


PUSANG-gala said...

Salamat sa dollar remittances---the construction sector and the real estate industry is booming despite the economic crisis......I donno why, but I get so excited everytime I see a building being cinstructed here in the capital~~~

realtor in Toronto said...

I am glad to see more fans of real estate business! I have been selling condos in Toronto for 25 years and I know this field from every point of view. If you are really dedicated, you can make some nice money and have a lot of fun. but I know many many people, who have not survived the competition. It's a difficult business and especially I these days.
Best wishes