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Jan 24, 2009


I was able to witness the Kasadyahan 2009 today. Join me as I bring you the happenings during Dinagyang Festival 2009.

The ticket price is worth for two day's event.

Iloilo Dinagyang Festival Kasadyahan Competition
January 24, 2009

  1. Tribu Jimanban - New Lucena
  2. Tribu Bayluhay - San Joaquin
  3. Tribu Saad - Leganes
  4. Tribu Tultugan - Maasin, Iloilo
  5. Tribu Mandurriaonon - Mandurriao
  6. Tribu Kasag of the Kasag Festival - Banate
Tribu Kasag is my bet for this year's Kasadyahan Festival. They had a great performance!

Can I bite you?

Tribu Bayluhay - San Joaquin
This judging area number 3 is brought to you by Lucio Tan

Here the Aetas come...

They pray for the rain.

Tribu Saad - Leganes
the devotees

the church

Do you have any idea what's hidden?

The Aetas hid to protect their flawless skin. See, they're bleached Aetas.

"Luis-Angel, hiwalay na?" Pssttt.....gossip is bad. (Nagay chika, baligya mo wala buhin.)

Tribu Jimanban - New Lucena
pull me...

the thorn among the roses wears pink.

Tribu Mandurriaonon - Mandurriao
The Golden boys of Tribu Mandurriaonon - Mandurriao

Raise your hands in the air.

the empty pot (singing "If I were a boy")

Oh my headress fell.

Aha! Aha! Hala Bira!

What can you say Bebe Gandahari?

Please fall in line.

Exchanging pot of gold?

I was not able to take photos of Tribu Tultugan of Maasin because I was late. Huhu. KJ sorry.

Iloilo Dinagyang Festival Kasadyahan Non-Competing Tribe

Kawilihan-University of San Agustin
The Philippine National Dance- Tinikling

Panayana- WVSU

Hmp! Whatta sexy back! (Psst... taga WEST, wala kamu nga duha natak an lantaw sang performance sang participating tribe nyo? Halin pa na sa pag practice.)

See you tomorrow again guys. It's the hightlight of DINAGYANG FESTIVAL ATI COMPETITION.


Antoine Greg said...

wow alert sa coverage bah, hehehe sa TV lang kuh yah gni, huhu.

Te nag sadsad or nag merrymaking sa downtown this evening???

^ ^ hehehe

i swear i'll partee 2morrow.
fireworks lang kahapon ang nalantaw kuh sa SM,

Byron Ferolin said...

Very colorful celebration!

the donG said...

enjoy redlan! more more photos from dingayang.

Blue Rose said...

colorful & meaningful celebration ha. some more photos please! saya-saya naman jan. grabe!

MeL said...

Ang saya! Nalunod ako sa dami ng pictures. Hala bira! Hala bira! :)

My cousins (and my mom) are planning to go to Iloilo this summer. Sa April yata. Hope to see you kung swak ang scheds natin.

Btw, you're tagged pala. :)

REDLAN said...

Wala ko nagsadsad @ Antoine. Kapoy ko. Wala ko kaabot fireworks. Mayo ka pa nag enjoy gid.

REDLAN said...

Oo it is @ Byron

REDLAN said...

Yes dom. coming up

REDLAN said...

Saya saya at Blue rose. Uploaded the photos na.

REDLAN said...

Yes welcome you are welcome here. Hiligaynon ka ha? hehehe