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Jan 2, 2010


Before we parted ways, I asked Richard's mobile number. I was kinda interested of the beautiful place he recommended to us. Our La Puerta El Paraizo and Kenyama's tour were among the memorable memories of 2009. Guimaras Island has a lot of beautiful spots to explore.

On Christmas Day 2009, we went to Tatlong Pulo. I spent the special day with a couple of special friends.

We passed the main highway, then the second road and the last- the tertiary road. There's the rocky road ice cream flavor and I can say this rocky road is the real one. HoHo!

Kelangan namin bumaba ng tricycle sa medyo mataas na bahagi ng kalsada. Dahil dito may nag text. Ayan, binabasa ni Albert.

That's chicken-pork adobo that Albert was holding. Baka kasi tumalon yung manok at baboy sa tricycle habang umaakyat sa medyo mataas na parte ng way.

We reached the top and mind you the view is beautiful! (Kaya naging photographer na naman ako, ngayon dalawa na sila.)

It's the newly standing Lighthouse of Tatlong Pulo! The Three Islands is a government owned. That's why it's all free and you can call it your own for a day!

It's called Tatlong Pulo or Three Islands. The two rock formations in front view and the one on the back of the two. I amazed the first time I saw it plus there were couple of foreign visitors I saw swimming in two piece that day. Woot! The place is perfect for soul searching, picnic, swimming, dating by the sea, snorkeling, island hopping, and boating. It's not a crowded beach.

Ayan na, picturan na naman.

More views of Tatlong Pulo up next...


jeanny said...

Hi Red. Ang ganda naman ng place na yun. How I wish malapit lang kami dyan. :)

Happy New Year!

Reena said...

ang ganda! i like places na hindi crowded. saya pala ng Pasko mo. i can feel you really enjoyed. looking forward sa continuation ng story mo...

nuts said...

ang gusto ko part yung naglalakad sa rocky road, thrilling kaya..:) sarap mapagod diba, after non, sarap makita ganyan kaganda view, sulit!

HalfCrazy said...

Ooh, some steep terrain on the way up!

Beautiful rock formations! Kulang pa ata ng establishments dyan para dagsain talaga ng mga turista!

Anonymous said...

I loved your photo story. I love the water, sand beaches and mountains. That is my favorite thing to do in watercolors. Nice FSO post.

Rebecca said...

Sure looks like a lovely place. I love the little islands out there.

princess_dyanie said...

ang dami ngang picture ni kuya! haha!