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Dec 27, 2009


Guimaras Island is my runaway place to relax every time I am so stressed from work. As you noticed last week, I was kind of emo. I even decided to leave my online life. So without any plans, I found myself going to Guimaras early in the morning last Sunday. Fortunately, I accompanied by one of my personal friends. After 15 minute pump boat ride, we reached Jordan wharf. The funny thing is we didn't know where to go particularly.

Although I had a place in mind that I wish to visit. It's La Puerta Al Paraiso! After I watched the particular episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya sometime in April this year entitled Soccer ball, I wish to visit the said beach resort too. It is located in San Roque, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras (please click the map to enlarge. San Roque is in the left side bottom).

Some friendly guys approached us and asked where's our destination. They offered a ride to rent a motorcycle, tricycle, van or multi-cab jeepney. I am afraid to ride in motorcycle. Van or jeepney is too big for two persons. If you ride on a passengers' jeep to Nueva Valencia it takes more than an hour since it stops from one place to another to load and unload passengers. We went to Tourism Center table for registration (ek ek). I had a chance to ask the attending person what beautiful spots and even asked her how's La Puerta Al Paraiso as the newly but not fully develop beach resort. According to her, it's quite far but one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Guimaras. A tricycle driver approached us and offered to take us wherever we go. The price is affordable so I agreed. We finally decided to go to Guisi Beach and Lighthouse (for the second time around). He told us that there's a newly opened beach beside it. But still I had a second thought to visit La Puerta. On our way, I asked him if we can visit La Puerta first before going to Guisi. He said YES to my curiosity about La Puerta. I promised to give him additional payment then. I felt excited more than my friend.

After more than an hour, we reached La Puerta Al Paraiso. Join me to tour inside.
The security guard welcomed the three of us. He allowed the tricycle to go way inside. I just left my ID.

Albert, one of my friends posed excitedly. It was low tide and not advisable to swim on the beach but there's a swimming pool as an alternative for it.

There are rock formations and islets around. I can imagine how beautiful the view during sunrise & sunset.

My friend enjoyed the place that he has lots of photos than me.

We can see star fish down.

I can say La Puerta AL Paraiso is the right place for couples especially after the wedding. Todo na 'to. It's peaceful and relaxing. The cottages are new and clean.

It's not fully develop yet but the management will build a restaurant in this cave in the future.

We left the beach area after 30 minutes. We continued our journey to the next destination- GUISI BEACH AND LIGHTHOUSE. Wait, we forgot to pay the entrance fee. Opps, hindi kami siningil. Thanks you! Merry Christmas!

The contact nos. of La Puerta Al Paraizo are : 0926 413 5970 and 0927 507 9024 and the e-mail address is The signal is a little unreliable at La Puerta, so if you cannot get an answer to your call, send a text and the resort will answer as soon as they receive it. 



nuts said...

thanks so much for the visit and greetings!

saw your journal update and photo of guimaras. simple pero rock! tsk, sana makapasyal ako dito. sigh. sana talaga!

p0kw4ng said...

ang ganda ng place red...ganda talaga!

hapi pasko sayo!

princess_dyanie said...

haha sa caption na mas madami pang pics ang friend mo kesa sayo!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the tour - I love those kind of impromptu get away days.

sheng said...

On my next visit to Iloilo, hindi ko palalagpasin ang Guimaras, i swear!

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

If there's one thing I'd like to do there, that would be to kayak around the islets.

the donG said...

i agree with nomadic. kayaking will be perfect there. and the sands are great.

ginawa ka palang photographer. hehehe...

Patty said...

What wonderul photos, and such a great get-a-way place. I love jeepneys.

Hope you are well and looking forward to a new year. 2010? Wow!

JC Dawn said...

Hi! you have wonderful pictures!
can i ask for the contact info of this resort? we are planning to go there this summer!We'd really appreciate it.Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The contact nos. of La Puerta Al Paraizo are : 0926 413 5970 and 0927 507 9024 and the e-mail address is The signal is a little unreliable at La Puerta, so if you cannot get an answer to your call, send a text and the resort will answer as soon as they receive it.

Anonymous said...

This resort has the WORST service hands down. It's plagued by Iloilo's power problem. NOt enough current gets to the resort, AC's bug down in the morning, it even stops when you turn on the heater. Granted its not the resort's problem but then they should have designed the cottages to be comfortable without the AC on.

Staff is the most MAKUPAD and complacent I have seen. To eat lunch on time, you have to order at least an hour before your food is served. That, and they're expensive. The owners are just 2 rich people who don't know how to run a hospitality business. A big waste.

Kiko Pangilinan said...
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Toni said...


I beg to disagree to the comment above. All staff are friendly, we got only a fan room but it's still comfortable and cold inside that sometimes we don't need to turn on the electric fan.

Ms. Helen and her husband is very hands on in their business that they actually fetch and send off their guests to the port.

To top it off, place is amazing. Food is superb and price is okay granting serving is good for 3-4 persons already.

Anonymous said...

i agree to the comment of previous blogger! we had a worst experience in this place... the service...super mabagal! ... the food...OMG its an eeewwww as in!... and take note its expensive compared to other high class resorts in the philippines!.. we only lasted for 2 hrs and we paid all our bills!

the owner doesn't know the word hospitality!!! goodluck!

i dont reccommend this resort!

Anonymous said...
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