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Jan 3, 2010


Before I continue my journey to Tatlong Pulo, lemme share you my weekly journal. I will do it every week this year.

Dec 31, 2009- I went to the province to hide and avoid the usual firecracker accident in the city. The fact is, I am afraid of firecrackers. We used to watch the firecracker/firework display on the hilltop facing the city view. Mas malayo yun sa disgrasya.

January 01, 2010- I set my phone's alarm clock @ 6:00 am. I wanted to watch the first sunrise of 2010. New Year- new beginning but for my cam it was the end of its existence. I love you goodbye for Star Cinema but for me I hate you goodbye camera! I went back to the city because of disappointment.

January 02, 2010- I went to work voluntarily. Unfortunately, our office closed. The caretaker was sick due to over celebration of the New Year. Kidding.

January 03, 2010- Happy three Kings! I replied to the text message of my BFF which she sent on the New Year's day.

BFF's text on New Year's day:

"Thank you so much for the friendship, sistership, yayaship and all the ships in the world including the bangka(boat) and salva vida hehe corny! Anyway, I'm still seeing our friendship more years ahead. Happy New Year mega!"-Ramon & Gold.

My reply on 3 Kings:

"The journey of the Magi prvides us with powerful lessons and symbols. Light shines brightly upon those who seek God and open their hearts to Him. Happy 3 Kings megah & hubby!"- Rod & Lloydie :-)

She immediately replied this: Ambisyosa?! Feeling mo si Luis ka? Hahe. Anyways, Happy 3 Kings to you and your partner whoever he is...(drawing lang na-my reply)

Back to my journey, Tatlong Pulo offers

white sand

a few cottages

coconut trees around

clear cold water

jelly, star and blue fish


and the Tatlong Pulo itself! The rocks in the middle of two islets look like two bears that about to kiss each other. The 3rd rock formation is on the back of of the other rock on the right side. That's why it named Tatlong Pulo or Three Islands. It is located at Sinapsapan, Jordan, Guimaras. It's a government owned beach and it's free!

UP NEXT: our 100 php to rent cottage


fjordz said...

hahaha! in fairness kuya red, natawa ako dun s reply mo sa text message sayo.. may Lloydie pa talagang kasama? hahaha!

maganda nga po yung isla na yan.. sana lang makapunta rin ako jan hehehe..

Im planning na after graduation eh magtravel.. para naman makapag enjoy ako hehehe. and so.. im wishing it na matupad nga..

Happy New Year!

Jama said...

I must be such a beautiful beach! does the free package comes with free lodging or just the beach area?

Eds said...

oy, mukhang ang ganda ng beach ah. sana this 2010 eh makapagtravel din ako.

happy new year to you redlan!

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Ngeee...takot ako sa jelly fish. Sakit ng sting nila kasi! Tatlong Pulo looks pretty. Ang taas yata nung coconut tree ah!

Rebecca said...

That is clear water, I thought there was just a photo of feet until I read there was water!

Happy New Year to you.

claire said...

wow! it's sucha beautiful beach! i might want to go there.. happy new year, red!

princess_dyanie said...

excuse me excuse me at bakit may lloydie diyan ha! haha!

Random Student said...

ansarap naman ng pag welcome sa 2010... sa beach. balak ko yan sana pero no time to do so.

Mrs T said...

love the pics! awesome shots!

nuts said...

ako'y napapa-wow sa post na toh.. yung photo na clear cold water, ramdam ko ang lamig at linaw ng tubig.. alam mo kung san ako napa-wow talaga? sa reply ni friendship mo, feeling mo si Luis ka? (haha) joke..
sarap naman pasyal mo, pwede na ko magstay siguro dyan at pagisipan kung babalik pa ba ako ng Manila, baka di na??