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Dec 29, 2009


The first time I visited Guisi Beach was December 2002. I was with my closest niece that time. We had no idea about the place but according to my office mates and friends it's a perfect place. That's all!

I was asked by my Greek friend why my outfit like this? And why I was on the beach in December? Philippines is a tropical country that is.

After 7 years, I revisited the place and it was last December 20 of this year 2009. The tricycle driver/tour guide told us that there's already new a beach and hotel beside Guisi Beach Resort owned by a Japanese national. I asked him where to eat and he suggested that there are some carinderias along the way to Dolores, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. The next question I asked, "Is the food safe?" (My mother always reminds me not to eat foods especially in places I am not familiar with. I can't blame her.) Our tour guide assured that foods are fresh and safe to eat. He brought us in this carinderia and oh boy, I love lutong-bahay. The serice is great and the staff are super nice.

We had a chance to have a short talk with our tour guide. We discovered that he is close to Bunny Paras and he met other celebrities like Piolo Pascual, Epi Quezon and more who explored Guimaras. Back then, we continue our journey after 20 minutes.

Welcome to Kenyama Beach Resort!

Are you ready to dive?

Kenyama Beach Resort is a charming ocean front resort with 8 hotel rooms, most with balcony located directly on the Turquoise water of the Ocean.

It offers you to relax and enjoy a wonderful beachside carribbean vacation in beautiful Guimaras Island.


visit the lightouse


Albert and I hid in big rocks, took off our clothes and ran on the clear, cold water. We were like kids swimming with group of small fish and only Vicky Wet witnessed our happiness and nakedness(kidding, boxers and briefs on).

this is Vicky Wet

You can contact Kenyama Beach Resort @ +639394276433 or (033) 3940013.
It is located at Sitio Guisi, Dolores, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras, Philippines

1. The first time I visited Guisi Resort, it was also my first time to ride on the motorcycle. Muntik na kami nadisgrasya kasi hindi ako marunong mag-balance ng katawan ko. Now I am afraid to ride on the motorcycle. Na-trauma ata ako.

2. Vicky Wet is the code name for Victor Basa who is an endorser of Penshoppe.


Reena said... victor basa pala si vicky wet. :)

ganda nga sa guimaras! syang sana nakita kita mag motor.

nuts said...

of course i know Vicky Wet, ako pa.. winter sa kabilang part ng mundo at di nila ma-imagine ang lamig ng December at nasa beach..haha.

princess_dyanie said...

gusto ko din makapunta ng guimaras kaso nung nakita ko yung bangka, nagbago isip ko. haha. define trauma haha :P

Anonymous said...

Nice place

Koh Samui Villas said...

It is really fun and exciting to have a family vacation at the beach. It was a great place to relax and enjoy the cool and wonderful view of the sea together with your love ones. It will surely be a memorable vacation ever.