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Jan 7, 2013


I dunno what will be my luck for 2012, 2012, 2012  errr 2013.  That is!  But I wanted to achieve something for a productive year like what I listed and posted last year.  Here's the link.

2013-the first ever new year I spent in the city.

January 01-  Ng Baby and April invited me to visit them and we watched the MMFF movie "Sisterakas".

January 02-  Back to work.  Daw weekend lang ang New Year.  I tried not to be late at work.

January 03 & 04-  Still busy working.  I slept late and woke up late.

January 05-  It's Janus birthday.  I forgot his birthday and Ninong didn't buy a birthday gift.  :-(  Went to my favorite barbero to have a new haircut. (Indi man new kay semi-kalbo man gyapon.)  And I had my monthly body massage.

January 06-  I slept @ 8 am and woke up @ 3 pm.

January 07-  I am still awake and typing this post.  LOL!


Anonymous said...

Busy busyhan din ang peg mo hehe

sheng said...

Happy New Year Red! Ingats lagi!