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Dec 24, 2012


I need to catch up things including blogging.  The end of the world is near errr I mean the end of the year.  I still love reading blogs and I don't want to abandon this blog.

It's late but I still wanted to share even in monthly basis of what's happening in my life.  Last October 07, 2012, I was invited by the mother and daughter to accompany them to Guimaras.  So this is it!  We had a pictorial and buying of souvenir items before going back home.

October 21, 2012-  I attended the Sunday mass @ Leganes Parish church with my office mate and friend, Micai.  Had our lunch @ Uncle Tom's restaurant.  Then did chatting while walking from Esplanade to Molo Plaza.  We met Ng Baby and April at Robinson's PLace and we headed to Fort San Pedro to watch the sunset.

We got to meet Ng Nor at Salvi's Grill.  She treated our late lunch.  Thanks so much Ng Nor!

Jumped to December.  My Nephews visited us in our new house.  They're growing up so fast.

Are you familiar with the Amalayer song?  The Antonio brothers ang kumanta nun.  Andrai is one of the two brothers.  I immediately become their fan.  I liked their facebook page and followed them on twitter.  I love to listen to their songs sa Youtube.  And I even requested for a fan sign.  So here it is!

December 21, 2012, we had our company's Christmas Party at Iloilo Grand Tower.  It was fun for 3 hours only.

Later at night time, we got the chance to have a Christmas get together again with Ng Nor.  Same place- Salvi's Grill!

The following day was the birthday of my office mate and friend, Bec-bec.  It's also my sister's birthday!

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T.R.Aurelius said...

Magblog2 ka na ulit, namiss ko na dlwin tong bahay mo :))