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Jan 14, 2013


January 08-  I work most of the time, even woke up early in the morning to finish some reports.  Kaya parang overripe na saging ang peg ko.

January 09-  It's my niece, Janine's birthday.  We haven't see each other for a long time.  :((  On the happy side, I was surprised to receive a late Christmas gift.  Thanks Doc!

January 10-  Another busy day.

January 11-  I bought this easy-to-carry planner.  Pinoy na pinoy.  For sure, I can bring it with me everyday.  It has a monthly schedule to fill up, every notes to take down and extra note portion for reminders.  On the monthly schedule page, I can write my to do list.  On everyday notes I put my accomplishments for the day.  And on the extra note portion, I write some reminders for the month.  It's not bulky.  Thanks to IBON @ for this cool planner.

January 12-  Another stay at home weekend.

January 13-  Productive Sunday!  I watched Life of PI with Ng Bebe, April, Micai and Nyora.

 Until next week!


sheng said...

Ang ganda ng Life of Pi ano?

Oman said...

Hi Red, Happy Dinagyang Festival :)