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Aug 26, 2012


Ng Bebe and April were my companions yesterday at Iloilo Esplanade.  They are the Madurar mother and daughter.  Mind you they are just like friends.  I love to mingle with them.  No limitations, no kaartehan.  We were just walking and talking at the same time.  We stopped to pause for some souvenir shots.  Not to mention, I always like taking photos of places and other people and not myself. Ha-ha.

I was bored yesterday.  The things that I only did were browsing, texting, and watching videos. The mother and daughter saved me in the state of nonsense situation.  They invited me to join them shopping and in return I invited them to visit the new Iloilo park.  We were first-timers.

They treated me a snack afterwards.  Thanks Ng Bebe and April for the great time and fun.  Thanks for always sharing your own blessings!  


alvin said...

I miss Iloilo.

Good to know you're having fun.


kakapunta ko lng nga iloilo last week .. namiss ko tuloy mama ko sa post n to