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Aug 11, 2012


I am on the state of questioning myself at the moment.  Do I have to stay at home or to go out and paint the city red?  I have a feeling to enjoy the actual world now.  Have a break, have a kitkat?  Of course not now.  I have to grab the opportunity of the fast internet connection first.

Thinking of what happened the last whole week, I was boring, not that good.  I don't want to elaborate more.  All I know is Respect hindi ini-IMPOSE, ini-EARN yan (just remembered what Bea Saw told Maricris during their argument inside the PBB house).  I preferred to cry than to say something bad.  I tried to control myself and I don't want na bumitaw ng mga salita na nakakasakit sa damdamin ng ibang tao.  Not to mention that both parties are nice to me.  Based from my personal observation and learning experience, hindi ko gawain to put down someone para sa aking sariling kapakanan.  I don't want to create conflict after all.  I just do my best doing my duties.  Hindi ako nakikialam sa mga bagay na hindi ko trabaho.

On the happy side, I was able to catch my Bes and we watched The Bourne Legacy.  I am not a fan of action movies but I gave it a chance.  I was somewhat excited to see the Philippines in the international movie.  Astig it was!

Have a wonderful night guys!

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