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Aug 5, 2012


Hello rainy season with a couple of typhoons!  Yes, it was raining the whole week.  Heavy rain according to my office mate.  We were late mostly.  In addition, rainy days caused depression.  I was like in emo mode the weekdays even until now.  Heavy rain also caused heavy traffic (as shown in upper right photo).  Ambilis rin ng mga araw.  We always looking forward of Friday not because it's the last day of work on weekdays but it's our mani/pedi day with the manicurista Ms. Lucille (as shown in the top left photo).

I missed to have a bonding time with the two local celebrities, Inday & Nyora (bottom left photo).  It's been a couple of weeks we did not see each other.  Thanks to the modern technologies though.  We keep in touch through FB and mobile.  Text and chat.

And thanks to Bec-Bec for the jolly spaghetti! (shown on the lower right photo)  Thanks for sharing your blessings.  We had a heavy snack.  This is what I learned from my office mates- sharing their blessings always.

P.S.  Heavy was the word for the last week.  Heavy traffic, heavy snack and heavy rain.  :-)

Am looking forward for the fruitful week ahead!  I wish the same for you!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

funny how comforting it is to eat a lot during rainy season ryt? hehe