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Jul 30, 2012


Happy weekend! Oh, I mean, the weekend just ended and hello weekdays again!  End of July is just two days ahead!  Double Oh!  Liwat-liwat?  Unlimited?

First off, I would like to greet my two Titas- so sexy Ng Bebe (in green) and so beautiful Ng Rose (in pink).  I want to thank both of them for taking care of me in the absence of my parents in the office.  Don't you know, my father resigned last year and my mother is always out of the office.  Sometimes I don't have any idea that she's on leave.  Kidding aside.  I actually have the so called foster parents in the office.

Luckily, I got the chance to meet my father (in lemon) in Ariel's house during the Molo annual fiesta last Thursday, July 26.  Actually this photo was taken two years ago. I forgot to bring my cam this year and last year.  Eating is the main reason errr, the bonding moment I mean why we get together.  Reunion!  Nothing more extra ordinary happened to me this week aside from working hard as in baka-baka eh eh.

Typhoon is killjoy!  I stayed at home all day.  And the electricity was so jealous that it turned the whole day off to black.  On the contrary, I am kinda thankful because I was able to organize my things, did some filing and did knitting again.  My client, Silvana, "Vana" for short is so kind to gave me this black coin purse as her pasalubong for me from Manila.  I actually bought it from her for 10 php.  It's in Chinese tradition kasi na when someone give a wallet or coin purse, the receiver will pay money to the giver in return.  I am a grateful receiver myself that I made her a knitted mobile purse.  The color is her personal choice.  Will I ask a mobile phone in return?  What do you think?  Lol.  Just think of the coin purse she gave me, she asked for some coins in return.  Am just kidding.

Have a wonderful Monday ahead guys!  Till next week.

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