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Jul 22, 2012


I had flu last week and even had some mouth sores.  Good thing I have a client/physician who is so so kind.
She gave me prescribed and right medicines and vitamins to buy.  Thanks so much Doc!  I am so okay now.

Myrtle- the turtle claimed by the original pet owner who happened to be one of our neighbors.  In replacement, we called our new dog Myrtle (again and again).  Ha-ha.

I never mentioned that there was somebody that I used to know who caught my attention.  That somebody I used to know called me by my first name whether in a conversation or on sms messages.  But complicated term was created.  Sadly, I don't want to be in such situation forever.  So am back being single and free.

And because of the disappointment, depression and stress, I landed in the hospital spa to pamper myself.  I availed the package of body scrub and massage for 1 and a half hour.
Am in full energy to go to work tomorrow and will bring the crown positiveness.   

1 comment:

Reena said...

ang cute cute naman ni myrtle! :) tama, pamper yourself muna