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Jul 11, 2012


Goodbye June, Hello July- the nutrition month!  So here's the first photo that shows the celebration of the month.

After eating during the birthday treat of Mrs. Carmen Go, we were able to take a nap.  We were all stressed working the whole week.  I knew it, Micay was ready to click the camera anytime so I covered my face.  Bleh!

I'm happy that Myrtle won the 4th teen big winner of the latest Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition.  I am a proud Ilonggo!

A day after Myrtle won, I found a new pet outside the gate.  It's a turtle!  I named it, Myrtle.  (wink)

I only had time to mingle with friends on the Sunday night.  It rained.  And I noticed this group of popcorn cart lined up.

 I am looking forward to take rest on the weekend.  Days run so fast!  It's almost weekend! Ayay!

4 comments: said...

Yun oh nag cover ng face hehehe!

T.R.Aurelius said...

nahiya magpakita, show it! hehe


sheng said...

What a way to start Nutrition Month, hehehe.

krisjasper said...

Hey ROD! yep! I'm baaaack!!!!!!

(dont know how long tho.... LOL)