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Nov 2, 2011


I have to admit it, I have a bad attitude of hiding something especially when I have a personal problem or every time I am down or sad.  I want to solve it myself or I don't want others to be bothered.  I only wanted to tell or spread the good news.  I love show business intrigues but I dislike personal tsismis especially if the subject is a distant friend or the people around us.  I always try to elude or ignore the issues involving both personal friends.  Though, there's no problem with personal comment or chika-chicka unless it's not too personal. 

So I kept the bad news about the death of my father in the office from the day he died.  It discovered only when it was the time I asked permission to leave for a day and that was the day of his burial.  My office-mates were shocked.  I heard some blamed me for not telling it. My family and I accepted the fact that he was old already and it's already his own time that he needed to rest. So, don't blame me again if you'll know that I preferred not to take a glance of his remains nor I didn't take any photos of the corpse.  I just wanted to imagine my father alive.  So every time I think of him, I only imagine his smile and his movements.

I really appreciate the sympathy of my co-workers, my bosses, personal friends and also to those who posted their condolences through facebook.  My personal friends told me the very touching words that we always be friends not only during the happy moments but also during the sad times.

Guys, bilib ako sa effort nyo!

gurl, keri!

This is one of the old traditions we still practice in the rural area during or after the burial.

Some superstitious beliefs include the ff:
*You can't personally prepare and cook leafy vegetables during or after the death of a family member. It takes a year to do so.
*You can't wear red clothes during or after the burial and it takes a year too.
*You can't personally cook chicken menus.


I switched my favorite color from red to green then.


Bagman and Butler said...

Sorry to hear about your father but you seem to have a very healthy attitude about it.

dong ho said...

hirap makisawsaw sa mga tsismis. again condoleneces to you and the family.

Eds said...

condolences to you and your family redlan. aba, mahirap talaga makisawsaw sa tsimisan. minsan mapapaaway ka lang ng wala sa oras.

nuts said...

i've heard this and felt sad about it, on the other side.. tama ka, be positive lagi saka we know that he's at peace in heaven na.