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Oct 30, 2011


I just came from a two day-one night escapade in Guimaras island particularly at Guisi Resort  in Brgy Dolores, San Lorenzo, Nueva Valencia.

Aside from swimming, we did trekking.

We visited the old and new lighthouse.

We climbed until we reached the top.

We watched the sunset

And partying at night until we drunk but not all of us.

Of course, we were swimming to sawa.

And bid goodbye until we visited the island again.  I hope i so soon.

I will post a more detailed on my other blog later.  I am still spending my long weekend.  Where are you spending yours?


dong ho said...

ganda talaga ng dagat at beach diyan. kakatuwa yung trekking shot. mukhang mahuhulog.

saya ng long weekend na to. i spent it in imugan.

sheng said...

I spend all my weekends at home. Grrrr.

nuts said...

we spent our halloween weekend in Batangas. who is the girl in the first pic. she looks like siti.. :)