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Dec 15, 2011


It's been a month or more than a month I haven't updated this blog.  I exists still!  I am just struggling writing in English that is.  Lol!  Seriously, I had a hard time to blog especially when I am busy, sick, down, depressed, sad and name all the bad moments.  Yes, I am always busy at work (gasgas na yan).  Plus I was sick for like three weeks.  I had mouth sores. For a month I was not feeling well.  I even thought I had a big C and the weird is I thought maybe I had a big A.  You know, getting old I feel inactive and less energetic.  Ha-ha.

Traveling and being with friends are the outlet to distress.  So some of my officemates decided to go out of town.  Again, it was unplanned.  Go, go jump!  After work @ 6 pm, we traveled from Iloilo City to Maasin, Iloilo on November 29.  

We stayed in one of the newly inland resorts in Maasin.  It is located at Brgy Tubang.

Early in the morning, the following day, we walked to the hanging bridge nearby.

Our next destination was to the Damsite.

We visited the Pait, the salt spring in Maasin, Iloilo located at Brgy. Magsaysay.  Maasin originated its name from that place.

Before we went back to Villa Teresita to have lunch, we climbed the so called Hinis with 168 steps.

And before we went home, we dropped by at Iloilo Kawayan Marketing, the maker of bamboo sticks.  Needless to say that Maasin is the bamboo capital of Western Visayas.  Iloilo Kawayan Marketing is the supplier of Mang Inasal and some chinese restaurants in Metro Manila.
Here's our souvenir group shot

It was my first time to visit Maasin, Iloilo.  And I realized there are a lot places to discover and history to know.  

That's all for this time.


Allen said...

this reminds me so much of my hometown. :(

Merry christmas kuya!

sheng said...

I love Iloilo, so rich with culture and everything else.

nuts said...

Merry Christmas Red!

Dennis Villegas said...

You write well, and with a mellow touch..I like the way you write about your outings with friends...I get to see how beautiful it is in the Philippines!

Eds said...

oh..oh...kelan na kaya ako matuloy magtravel to iloilo. lagi nalang nauudlot eh.

merry christmas red!