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Oct 18, 2011


Anong petsa na ba?  I've been away from blogging like one decade.  It's more than a month already!  I was down and handled lots of problems.  My father  passed away  on September 19 and buried just last October 09, 2011.

And here I am back and continue striving and enjoying life at the same time.  Like fresh flowers, the pink wild flower and the pink rose, I refresh and embrace life. 

I missed you all!  How's life been treating you lately?


Jonna said...

Life has been fucking me lately! Char!

Will link you to my new blog. Waay gid lingaw! hehe.

sheng said...

Exciting for me, but draining! I still love LIFE!

RJ said...

Condolence, Redlan.

nuts said...

i hope you feel better now.. one decade na ba? hihi, di pa naman..