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Aug 21, 2011


Building a relationship is like building a sandcastle. Build it slowly and carefully. For the record, I built 3 sandcastles, one after the other. Out of 3 sandcastles, all were left undone. I failed to fully build them.
 While on the process of building the sandcastle,I left my partner 2 take a quick dip.When I went back fr swimming,I found a stranger playing w/ my partner & messing the sandcastle.3 is a crowd so I picked my things & walked out on the WAY BACK HOME.
& I learned that building a sandcastle is just for fun for others. I ended my 2nd relationship. I chose to build the sandcastle again, playing & messing w/ that stranger this time. Until I was tired of them both- the relationship and the person. So the sandcastle was undone for the 3rd time.I left... Now I am happy to be single again. 


sheng said...

Goodluck building more sandcastles!

dong ho said...

continue to build genuine and firmly made sand castles. dadating din siya.