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Aug 30, 2011


Despite of my busy schedule, I still active in Postcrossing project. These postcards are ready to be sent to 15 different countries namely:Belarus,Canada,China,Finland,Germany,Japan,Malaysia,Nethelands,Poland,Russia,Switzerland,Taiwan,UK,Ukraine and the US.

Last day of the long weekend.  Tomorrow is another tough working day.


dong ho said...

galing. parang ito yata tinutukan mo nung mahabang weekend. samantalang ako hindi nakabyahe kaya tulog ng tulog sa bahay.

upto6only said...

i'm a postcrosser too though medyo hindi na ako active dahil sa daming ng work sa ofc. i missed sending postcard and receiving one too.

sheng said...

Grrrrr, I miss postcrossing, I still have 5 postcards to mail.