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Jul 25, 2011


I had a great time meeting with my high school classmates. Same people attended since the first meeting until the last. Where are the others? I'm looking forward to meet you guys this coming 1st class reunion.
From left to right:  Willie, Moi, Harry, Jenalyn, Emely, Suzanne

From right to left:  Willie, Louelyn, Suzanne, Emely, Jenalyn and Harry

Yesterday, I learned something from Nyora. ''When you are offering a service, introduce it. If you want a service, make a move.'' It works with the CHARM. That's the secret of a make up artist turned celebrity.  Congratulations Nyora!
Harry aka Nyora


dong ho said...

kakatuwa naman si nyora. kakatakot nga lang yung lips.

sheng said...

LOL, natakot ka dom? Hehehe, Nice that you get to reunite with HS friends, di ako sumasama sa reunions namin.

Eds said...

bakit nyora? senyora? oy, saya naman nakapagreunion na kayo ng HS friends mo. ako never pa nag attend ng reunion namin

Mr. Chan said...

yes, it's always nice to reunite with old friends :)

nuts said...

nyora? sounds family lol.. sarap ng reunion di ba..