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Jul 23, 2011


I composed an email for Fabrice but I stopped when I see flash of lights. I don't like stolen shot. So I suddenly stopped and switched the light off. I actually afraid of lightning. Ha-ha. Blackout and am now lying, enjoying the sound of raindrops.  I will just continue the email later. For now am enjoying the free fb app from smart that Nyora recommended. 
The darkness reminds me of Brian. I missed that dog. He has great style, know some techniques. I will teach him to bite the bone w/out touching it the next time.  He broke the record of the dog I used to play w/ before. Dogs are smart too but we should remember that we are more talented as d highest ek ek animal. Sorry I forgot what's the right term for that. All I know for now is am having a sleep problem & the term is INSOMNIA.
 I like male dogs than female dogs, fyi. Female dogs are more flirts. They do the first move and flirts with the male dogs.
No more rain, there's no sounds of thunder nor flash of lightnings. I enjoy the SILENCE for the meantime. Later am sure, I can hear lightnings. Lightnings that will come from the human's mouth. Speaking of it, I missed my elder sister. Ha-ha.
Another problem when am awake at night is I pee from time to time. There's a saying nga ''ihi lng ang pahinga'' But no one beside me now. I actually holding something. This mobile phone makes me busy that is. 
-reposted from my fb status

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sheng said...

Fb ka kasi ng FB, we miss you plurk!