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Jul 31, 2011

RANDOMNESS 07/30/2011-07/31/2011

July 30, 2011
Tomorrow will be a complicated day for me. I supposed to have a date. I planned to watch HP. I need to relax my body. I was invited to attend a birthday party & will have a work appointment. Is it possible that my hands and feet will go to a date; my eyes & ears to watch a movie; my body to the spa; my mouth to the birthday party and my head to work appointment?
July 30, 2011
Today,I failed to watch HP. I cancelled my date.  I was not able to attend d bday party. Yet I brought home some birthday foods through Rob,Willie, Suzanne & Mely.  Thanks to Lily& Lynlyn! We met to see the venue for our upcoming reunion.  I done my work partly. I watched a model search and I was able to relax my body. 

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