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Jul 13, 2011


Wow, it's more than a month!  But it's nice to be back in blogging.  I was not able to update this blog and my PR went one point down.  It's my fault!  It's my fault!  Ha-ha.  There are three major, major reasons kung bakit di ko ma-update ang blog.  One of them is ka-busy-han sa work.  Yung other naman, kapag in love ako.  The third one is if I am feeling sad.  I'll say na tatlo yung nag-hit sa akin sabay-sabay kaya ganito katagal ang pagbalik ko sa blog.  I am active in Facebook though or sasilip-silpi lang online.

Heto 'yung mga highlights sa buhay ko noong nawala ako pansamantala dito sa blogosphere:

bonding with my officemates @ Damires hills kahit tapos na ang summer

Reunion with my high school bestfriends na tatlo lang kami.  I will post our high school individual photos on my other blog's post soon....

Attended my best in everything friend's wedding on the top of the rock formation in Guimaras

We had great time in Yato island, Guimaras.  Nag-island hopping pa kahit maulan na.

See you on my other blog-  I will post these happenings per post. 


sheng said...

You have time to make liwaliw! Buti ka pa!

dong ho said...

Yung other naman, kapag in love ako. >>> yun naman pala. set aside muna blog pag kalingan. hahaha...