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Jun 2, 2011

JUNE 2011

It's June!  The month of weddings.  Not to mention the June bride.  Ha-ha.  So far I enjoyed summer before it ends.  Speaking of June bride, I took a la pre-nuptial photos during our becky escapade in Cabalagnan, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras particularly at Rumagangrang Resort.  The said pictorial or shoot was not actually plan.  It was just for fun but turned unique.  What makes it unique was the bride and groom are both beckies or simply gays. 

I'll post it after our Concepcion adventure.  For the meantime, just enjoy Concepcion on my other blog.  BTW, I would like to greet my online MF Dyan a happy happy birthday! 


sheng said...

I heard this becky thing before, and I am not against them or the word. But there's one friend whose real name is Becky that was against gays calling them her name. LOL

dong ho said...

wow! kakatuwa at talagang nakakapag pasyal ka na rin. ive been wanting to go to concepcion. i need a good timing.

Sreisaat said...

Wow, grabe ang lagaw mo ba! It's been a while since I last visited... nagtinamad gid abi ko. hehehe. Do you stil have your postcards blog? I'm looking for your DIY postcard album hehehe. Cheers!

tim said...

hahahaha.. Beki spells like this.. Kaya ang hirap if they would call you Becky- your name. Then trend is beki stuff. And kabaklaan.. LOl