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May 22, 2011


Kamusta naman? I missed to blog or let's say na-miss ko ang pag-blog.  Tulad nga ng sabi ko the whole month of April, banatan ng utak, tulugan to sawa.  Ilang beses na rin na wala kaming tulog.  24 hours sa office.  Pero lahat naman may katapusan.  There's always an end........well to start again.  Lahat na lang nasa cycle.  So after the busy days, I planned to unwind.  In short, some of my officemates and I went to Concepcion.  It was an overnight full of escapades.  Worth it!

I would love to share it on my other blog.  See you there!


sheng said...

Hindi ko lang maintindihan bakit go Large! ang title ng post na ito!

jeanny said...

tama yan. Dapat mag unwind naman wag puro work...nakakasawa kasi.

dong ho said...

busy ka din pala ako kasi i had the busiest weeks kaya ngayon na lang din ulit nakapagblog. schedule will better for me in the coming days.