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Jan 11, 2011


January 01, 2011-  Happy New Year!  I spent the new year with my family (as usual).  I always wanted to start the year with them.

January 02, 2011-  I watched the movie, "Ang Tanging Ina Mo(last na 'to) alone.  Ai Ai de las Alas really deserved the Best Actress award.
January 03, 2011- It's my first day working in the new office.  Newly organized place.  Spacious it is!

January 04, 05, 06, 07-  Busy at work.  I have no time to update my blog but I still did bloghopping like a casper.

January 08, 2011-  the continuation is on my other blog.


Eds said...

so talagang nasa kabilang blog ang continuation ha. hehehehe. mis you friend!

maraming salamat ulit ha! i love them.

Anonymous said...


dong ho said...

maganda to kung ipapatuloy mo ang daily kahit short thoughts.

sayang di na approve leave ko sa ati atihan sana ako.

Mariko said...

Nice post, maraming salamat ulit ha!

triZzZ said...

wow. I'm amazed you're still on blogging kuya red!

kahit busy ka na you still find time to do blogging. I hope to learn that one. Galing!

trizzz here! (:

nuts said...

happy new year! ano mo si Mr. G at PR4 ka? lol. congrats, ako naman PR3 at last sa domain blog ko. congrats din sa domain blog mo. :)

nuts said...

happy valentine's day, yan late na naman ako, di ba love month pa rin. haha