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Dec 20, 2010


Some of the pages of my photo album have captions.  A dialogue or a line.  I wanna share some of it.  But this time with the recent photos.

I am a keen observer and a good listener.  Taking random photos while in a conversation is fun!  This it not actually the things we talked.  I turned it to be sound funny or cheesy.

By the way, this is Emely, one of my high school close friends.  The photo just taken last Saturday night at Bourbon Street while we were having late dinner.

Hurry up, I smile all out now. 

Hold on!  may nagtext....


dong ho said...

parang si vice ganda lang.

Reena said...

hahaha. natawa ako sa comment ni dom. lol.

nuts said...

sino daw nag text? lol