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Jan 29, 2011


Hello!  Hello!  Na-miss ko kayo!   I am just here doing everything in order to live with the so called LIFE.  Even though I rarely updated my blog lately, my PR is still 4 :-)  Thanks to go go gle.  I am happy for that and more happy that my other blog is now PR 2 from 0.  Anyways,  I am collecting this multi colored memo cube pad distributed by Star Paper! 

You can buy the memo cube pad @ National Book Store for only 30php per pad. 


nuts said...

hay naku parang ilang years na kita di nakikita.. lol.. sus, dyan ka pala nag b-blog sa memo cube pad. :))

sheng said...

That is cute, but it's a memo pad, right, I want a post it type, makahanap nga! We miss you!

dong ho said...

wow! eto lang ang blog na may soft and printed copy. di ko pa talaga napupuntahan ang dinagyang at di rin natuloy yung ati atihan.

2012 it is for ati atihan 800years.

claire said...

nice cube pad :) musta na red?

nuts said...

na adik kana a memo pad, haha ang dami

ev said...

ang cute ng handwriting mo red..hehe!nice one!doing great here..keep it up!

been a while.:)