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Dec 16, 2010


Micai is my new office mate.  She's the latest youngest in the group and the most kikay among us.  She adds laughter in the office who always say funny lines.

We sometimes chat on facebook even we both are inside the office.

Micai:  Psst.  Can I borrow your charger?
Me:  Sure, I'll just send it here in the FB chatbox, you want?

One afternoon after lunch, the atmosphere inside the office was like in a cemetery.  Obviously almost of my office mates enjoying their siesta.  I don't take a nap anymore since I hook on Facebook.  Blame it to Mark Zuckerberg!  Kidding.

I am good in drawing or sketching but when my eyes caught this scenario.  I grabbed my sign pens and started to draw.

this is Micai in her siesta moment yesterday

Do you still taking a nap or siesta?


dong ho said...

kakatuwa nga pag may bagong empleyado at lalo na kung makulit.

kala ko nahuli mo siyang natutulog during working hours. hahaha... siesta naman pala.

T.R.Aurelius said...

nice may baong addition na sa inyong work group :)

Riel A. Mallorca said...

duh..oa ahh may mas palangga niyo pa xa sakon???hehe

redlan said...

dong: oo nga center of attraction yung mga bagong hired employees

theo: oo nakadagdag saya.

riel: Lain ka man ya, gwapo, macho, ano pa bi? hehehe

Allen said...

OMG. parang ako. malingat lang saglit, tulog na. hahahaha!