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Sep 28, 2010


I retired doing knitting for the meantime.  I know it's addicting.  However, I wanted to do other arts and crafts and I need to unwind.  So, when Harry "best" mentioned about the Mr. Guimaras 2010, I was interested to watch.

Two weeks before the competition night, we went to Guimaras to check a hotel to stay.  One of the convenient hotels is Zemkamps Chalet.  It's actually a family residence that has been privately owned and was opened to the public.  It has ten uniquely designed and fully air-conditioned guestrooms and also has function area suitable for corporate and private events; ideals for business, seminars, conferences and small social events.  Its multi-purpose room can accommodate 50-100 pax.  Zemkamps is along the national highway in the heart of Guimaras and within the Provincial Capitol.

Back then, the sweet lady entertained us.  She eagerly showed how convenient the room is.  Moreover, she told us that some celebrities stayed in the hotel like the MMK team during the story episode of MMK's football.

We ended up taking photos..  Thanks to the staff of Zemkamps Chalet!


Read the story of the other hotel @


dong ho said...

when i first read the title of your post i was thinking that it's about a jewelry.

actually a unique name for a resort. wishing you more trips red.

Lawstude said...

ako naman, when i start reading your post akala ko you joined mr guimaras kasi nakapose ka sa pic :)

thanks for sharing the hotel. now, nagka-idea na ako where to stay in case mag-push through ang plan ko for an ilo-ilo and guimaras trip late this year.

Eds said...

kakaiba ang pangalan ng hotel ah.

happy weekend redlan!

Love said...

ei redlan..
nice to be back here!! =D

Riel said...

haha..cheka xempre laki nagid nah..early bird catches the worm first..

Riel A. Mallorca said...

hehe..pati ka na gurl..joke lang..

acai berry diet said...

Happy weekend ! I hoe you will have a lot of fun