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Oct 13, 2010


Oh, it's almost nearly half a month that I was away from this blog. I've been busy at work and love life?  lol .  I am just kidding about the love life.  I fell in love again?  No, it's hard to manage love and work.  So I chose the former over the latter.  I am obsessive type of lover that is.

There are three factors that somehow changed me lately.

an old photo of an old friend

I have an alcoholic free spirit now

and I inspired by this latest book of Joshua Harris.

Talk about these things next time.


Bagman and Butler said...

Having had an alcohol free spirit myself for sometime, I can't wait to hear more...

sheng said...

I want an alcohol-free life, too!

nuts said...

i'll wait for the next post!=)

jeanny said...

Hi Red. Hows things going. Will wait for more of your updates. :)

Miss you friend.

Eds said...

yeah! you're back. i'll wait for more of your kwento.

Riel A. Mallorca said... na si jerson muh..that is why..

ahmer said...

nice to be back ; )
am interesed with the book.

dong ho said...

new life as it sounds red! good good. daming fans ni joshua harris. sige promote ko to sa mga kaibigan ko na sumusunod kay joshua harris.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

anything that changes you for the better is always a welcome change.