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Sep 22, 2010


Two weeks ago, I went to Guimaras Island with Harry.  We inquired a hotel to stay for the future escapade and bonding.  We found two convenient hotels in San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras.

hotel 1

hotel 2

Now, we can't decide which hotel to choose.


pusang kalye said...

go for the 1st one. In as much as i like the view sa 2nd pic...youko nung masikip na hallways. parang di ako makahinga.hehehe

witsandnuts said...

I think both are nice. I'll go for the more secure one. :)

Eds said...

pareho silang maganda. kaya kahit san dyan ok lang. though more on hotel 1 ang vote ko. hehehe. enjoy your trip to guimaras redlan

dong ho said...

ang tipid mo naman sa pictures. hirap pumili halos pareho lang itsura.

Anonymous said...

what are the names of the hotels? do you contact & rate info? Thanks!