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Aug 9, 2010


Last month, I nearly burn my room (it's just a figure of speech) looking for a piece of paper.  I almost checked the four corners of the room.  My sister even helped me.  She did kalkal the trash basket.  I even called all the saints and prayed to Him to show me that piece of paper.  (Silly me.)  It's not the priority number to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

God:  "The purpose of prayer is not to get what you want but to become what I want."

Later on, I realized that I put it inside the pandan purse when I fixed my wallet.  After that i made a promise to become an organized person.  (Talagang tinamaan ako ng purpose of prayer na 'yan.)

God:  "Just don't say it.  Do it!"

I don't own a mansion (only in farmtown).  I don't have even yayas.  But I'll show you how the yaya organized his own clutter.  In short, I'll show you how to get organized without hiring a professional organizer.  (Pagbigyan n'yo na ako kasi first time ko 'to.)

But before that, here I show you the clutter.

"Do me, take care of me."

I am living in a small place, I need to learn the discipline of keeping only what is fully needed and be organized.  Back then, How do I get organized?  According to what I've read, I need the right tools first of all.  Then, I need time and commitment.

1.  The tools- I bought some of appropriate storage @ SM Homeworld.

2.  Time and Commitment- I committed my time since Saturday night and done yesterday afternoon.  It's equivalent to just less than a day (Of course, I slept).

According to what I've read again, there are actually three ways of obtaining space:

1.  You can increase the amount of storage space.

2.  Use the space you have more efficiently.

3.  Reduce the amount of things you store.

Only numbers 2 & 3 are applicable to me since I only have small space of existence as I've said earlier.  I hate it.  I don't have the number 1  requirement.  So the next step I followed was myself.  Kidding!

Now, I was ready to begin the clean up effort.  The first thing I did was to clear everything in the area.  I spread everything out on the floor. 

I personally have only two basic things I can do with any given item.  The throw it and the keep it.  And I have only two categories:  The work materials and the passion items.

The clean up process can take a lot of time.  The bigger the mess, the more effort will be involved.  To make it short, I was dead tired but the reward at the end is worth it.  At the end of the day, here's the after scene.

My sister was happy for what I've done.  So she volunteered to organize the throw it section.



At last, I have an organized area and clear of clutter.  Reward! Reward!

More organized things to show up next.


witsandnuts said...

Not everyday that we find the inspiration to organize stuff. Cheers!

claire said...

wow red, nicely done.. i wish i could find time clearing my clutter too!

~JarieLyn~ said...

Yep, I need to clear out my clutter too. Mine looks a lot like your before picture.

dong ho said...

According to what I've read again, there are actually three ways of obtaining space:

1. You can increase the amount of storage space.

2. Use the space you have more efficiently.

3. Reduce the amount of things you store.>>> magaling! magaling!

matagal ko na rin hindi naayos mga gamit ko. hindi naman ganun ka kalat pero mahirap na rin hanapin yung ibang bagay.


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