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Aug 11, 2010


Before I continue my organized operation, I wanna share something I read online about what Lesley Adams said. According to her, disorganization costs Americans 15 to 20 percent of a family's budget per year.  We can't find what we're looking for, so we buy another.  That's true!  Just like what happened to Mrs. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo one time that she had hard time to find her phone charger and decided to buy new one but her husband Ryan Agoncillo told her no need to and just don't stop looking for it.  And they found it somewhere inside their house.

There are some tips to declutter and organize your closet that will enable you to find your items faster.

1.  You need to have free time to organize your closet.  Have some clear boxes ready before you start.

2.  Take all items in your closet out.  The boxes are for the items you will give, sell, or trash.

3.  Put items in the 3 boxes (give, sell, trash).

4.  For the items you need to keep, put all according to color and type of clothes.

5.  At last, you are organized

Extra tip:
I put my hankies in vertical order for me to see it right away and pull out.

same with my boxer shorts.

More of fixing small mess up next.


Eds said...

napako na ako sa #3 sa pagbabasa kaya akala ko wala na matira sa closet kapag nag organize kasi give sell & trash nalang. hehehe

actually, kakalipat lang namin ng office at meron talaga kaming 3 boxes each - bring, turn-over & trash naman ang mga nakalevel. at kakapagod magsort ha.

dong ho said...

ang tiyaga tiyaga mo ngayon redlan. put according to color.... hmmm... di ko naisip yon ah.

sheng said...

Oo na, mas organized ka na kesa sa akin! Hahaha, OC naman ako sa kalinisan ng bahay, much more on my own house, sa MIL, medyo hopeless case ang organization ng bahay na ito, LOL, but then, really, mas Organized ka!

Lawstude said...

napaka organize naman. kailan ka ba punta manila para paayos ko drawer ko hehehe. galing :)

bebskie said...

brother ang galing naman.ako kahit saan dalhin ukay gd ya.pero maybe someday if makabahay na ako ng sariling akin na talaga(praying, hoping and home sweet home davao na soon )mailigpit ko na ang kabinet ko ng tulad sayo..gogogogo!!!!

Reena said...

galing naman. good job! ang dami mong panyo ha. :)


Martha Stewart?

Hey Red, U can lessen ur mess by, perhaps, donating some of ur boxers to charity? lol. U have loads!!!!! lol

nuts said...

are those for sale online? lol. I'll send you the details for shipment. lol. napakaorganize mo naman. so neat.