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Aug 6, 2010


2002-2004-  The years were the highlights of my Internet addiction.  One time I was online 48 straight hours and I gained some virtual friends.

2005-It's my dating year.  Great excitement.  I had my first serious relationship and I deleted all my online accounts.  Unfortunately, the relationship I thought will be forever ended before the new year.

2006-  It was the year of much challenges.  I lived with a special person.  I became matured and I learned so many things in life.  It was the year that gave me smiles though there were negative things happened but it was over-powered by good memories.

2007-  I discovered blogging and still love doing it until now.

2008-  It takes two to tango.  However, I found my dancing partner busy dancing with other people in the dance floor.  I can buy earthy things but I can't buy someone to stay with me.  So I let that special person enjoyed the new company and even the bad past acquaintances.  You can help people to be better but no assurance that they follow what you think is good for them.  I found myself dancing with the wind.  Yet, I don't want to let the wind enter my brain.  So, I focused myself in blogging.  Mrs. T. encouraged and helped me to monetize my blog.  I just earned 2,000 bucks that year.

2009-  I was able to balance my time for my family and personal friends.  I had great moments with them.  I visited beautiful places nearby.  Indeed, I had memorable events last year!

This year 2010, I take time to fix and organize my life.  I love doing my passion and try to make things great!


dong ho said...

at kung sino man si mrs T astig sya!

nuts said...

go with your passion! suportahan ta ka!

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

wow, grabe rin pala ang addiction mo sa Net but I can't imagine sitting on my ass for the next 48 hours in front of the computer. kunsabagay, you earned naman pala something out of it.