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Jul 25, 2010


I bought some office supplies in a department store last weekend.  When I was at the counter to pay, I've observed that their service was inefficient.  Both the cashier and the packer did not know how to serve the customers in a more effective way.  The packer did not know how to fold the gift wrappers I bought.  She was about to tie them with plastic straw but I grabbed it and showed her how to do the right way to wrap it around with the small plastic bag and scotch tape.  I wondered if they undergone a training or orientation before they do their duties. Training courses or orientation is really important in sales department.  Even actors undergo workshop before they do a movie or T.V. series.  Manny Pacquiao do sport training.  In business, Softcom Training helps to improve and develop your skills for a certain job or position.


dong ho said...

this sounds important and essential and is applicable to almost everything.

the spool artist said...

haven't seen the post office in ages!