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Jul 25, 2010


The lady at the postal counter 1 is always smiling to people.  She's been nice to all.  I figured she's already on her 50's but still looks active.  Iloilo City postal employees are so nice unlike some I encountered before when I was in high school.  The postman who delivers my postcards, letters and some packages is always ready to serve.  Sometimes I request him to bring and drop my postcards on the mail box. 

I decided to have my own Postal Office Box finally.I am into postcrossing project and I do have penpals in some parts of the world.  

Now, I can check my box anytime and any day of the week.  I even chose my own box number.  It's easy to memorize as 123.


jeanny said...

that's good that you have your own PO Box na. Para you can check it anytime at hindi ka na maghihintay di ba.

Havent tried owning one pero siguro in the near future pag there is a need. :)

Happy New Week Red

kg said...

ay, ang galing ha!

dong ho said...

that i didne knwo one can have. but even if i have one, i might have the rare chance to visit it.

congratulations redlan!

pusang kalye said...

uso pa pala to. I remember nung nasa University pako meron ako P.O box din. mura lang for 1 year.pero parang di effective. dami mga boxes na dina mabuksak=n aksi siguro nabalik mga keys...I suddenly thought---mas maganda siguro na i-privatize ang Philpost para mas maganda service.

Reena said...

wow! ganun pla yun? galing! thanks for sharing.

witsandnuts said...

Wow, you've got your own PO box!

Ayel said...

Wow! Ganun pala yung P.O. box? :D I didn't know. Honestly. Pero wala kong nakitang ganyan sa Post Office namin dito. COngrats!

nuts said...

aba! ibang level na to ah. so yung mga fans mo, di kana syado ma-stalk niya.. ano nga p.o. box mo? hihi.. di ako pwede mag p.o. box, malulugi ako..hihi. wala sigurdo laman pag ni check ko haha