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Jul 4, 2010


I never enter the male's comfort room in my whole high school life.  It doesn't mean I used the the female's C.R.  Of course not!  What do you think of me?! I released everything when I went home at lunch time and I did the same ritual when I went home late in the afternoon from school.  I really don't like peeing in the public toilet.  I hate to flush the waste of other people before I have my turn to pee.  Speaking of public toilet, why other people love to pee in public wall or any other open place? 

"Bawal umihi dito!"

I am used to see public display of affection nowadays.

But I can't forget a particular incident happened one night when I was in a bar with my high school classmates.  There was a Korean couple kissing each other outside the comfort room. Moreover, they did more than that.  All of the sudden my high school girl friend whispered to them....
"Get a room!"


sheng said...

Both are korean's? well, wala silang galang sa kapawa tao, they should get a room indeed.

Reena said...

hahhaa. favorite ko tlga ung goat photo mo na yan. :)

hay, iba lng tlga kultura nila.

Eds said...

hehehe. lagot ka sa kambing na yan. kapag kaw din umihi, pipicturan ka din nya.

GLIP said...

Maybe they were Japanese?